Comunità di Ricerca, Editoriale

Bella ciao. Critical education as resistance against populism, sexism, racism

Peter Mayo, Naples

Dave Hill, Fish and Fascism

Paolo Vittoria, Dave Hill,  Foreword. Critical education in times of right-wing populism and propaganda

Part I
Critical Education in Freire and Boal

Jones Irwin, Freire and situationism – whither the pedagogy of the oppressed in the era of the contemporary spectacle?

Angelo Miramonti, Healing and transformation through art:theatre for reconciliation

Roberto Mazzini, One coin, two sides. Boal and Freire: similarities and differences

Anna Zumbo, Critical education as a tool for local community changing:from Paulo Freire to the community generative welfare system

Chiara Vanadia, The contribution of Paulo Freire and Augusto Boalin the multicultural context of teaching and learning italian as a foreign language

Mariateresa Muraca, The legacy of Paulo Freire in struggles for social justice:notes for a pedagogy of social movements

William Soares dos Santos, Narration and dialogue in Danilo Dolci and Paulo Freire

Maria Paola Rottino, A Paulo Freire-based community education approach in Ventimiglia: understanding the complexity of the migrants’ crisis at the french-italian border

Disegno di Cristina Chiappinelli

Part II
Critical Education, Marxism and Crisis of Democracy

W. Wayne Ross, The problem of democracy in the time of Trump

Peter Mayo, Critical pedagogy: an international perspective

Sandra Mathison, The revolutionary possibility of the mundane

Dave Hill, Marxist public policy principles:schooling and teacher education/ training

Gianna Katsiampoura, Once again on the social responsibility of intellectuals

Emilia Romano, The reasons of utopia

Constantine D. Skordoulis, Marx, natural science and the materialist conception of nature

Maria Chalari, Crisis austerity and new frameworks for teaching and learning: a pedagogy of hope for contemporary greek education

Robert M. Zecker, A people’s University: communist workers’ schools in America, 1930-1956

Vânia Motta, Maria Carolina Andrade, The educational business community in the Bolsonaro government:intra-bourgeois dispute over projects?

Part III
Critical Education, Inclusivity and Struggle for Social Justice

Roi Silberberg, Dealing with racism in the classroom – a necessary component for teacher education in Israel

Vincenzo Curion, How critical thinking changes at the time of the algorithms

Anna Cucca, Digital literacy and active citizenshipfrom the perspective of critical feminist pedagogy

Rosaria Capobianco, The autobiographical writing at school in the land of Gomorrah

Inny Accioly, The denying of the right to education and violation of human rightsin the development agenda: domination and resistance in sub-saharan Africa

Valentina Paola Cesarano, The relationship between disability and work: a meta-analysis from the perspectiveof the critical disability studies

Anna Russo, Inclusion as a quality factor in the school system:an integrated device

Francesca Buccini, When diversity is a resource?


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