Guidelines for authors

Who wishes to contribute to Educazione Aperta can submit their text to the Research Community sending an email to the address

Contributes must be unpublished.

Educazione Aperta  accepts essays in Italian, English, French, Portuguese and Spanish.

If the proposal concerns a peer review submitted section, it must be in an anonymous file.

The texts addressed to the sections Primopiano and Esperienze e Studi should be of twenty thousand to forty thousand types, spaces included; the ones addressed to the section Blog, should be of ten thousand to twenty-thousand types, spaces included. An abstract of max. twenty lines and a short bio-biographical note about the author bust be added to the texts.


The files must be in Word or Open Office format.

Font and dimensions: Georgia 12 pt (for the normal text) and 8 pt (for the footnotes).

Line-spacing: 1,5.

Paragraph titles and foreign words must be in italic.

Always avoid bold type.

Don’t write in capital letters; even the title of the article and of the paragraphs must be in lowercase.

Always use English quotation marks (“ ”).

Texts longer than ten lines must always be quoted without marks, with indented text and character diminished to 10 pt. When a part of the quoted text is omitted, the omission must be reported with three punctuation marks between square brackets: […]

Avoid inserting notes in the article title.

The names of books and reviews have always to be in italic.

The texts must be quoted in footnotes and inserted in the final bibliographical references.


N. Surname, Book title, Publisher, Location and year of publishing.

If the quotation is in the same page of the same book referred to in the previous note, use Ibidem. If it is the same book, but a different page, use ivi:

N. Surname, Book title, Publisher, Location and year of publishing, p.

Ivi, p.

If the book has been quoted in a previous note, use cit., instead of the publisher and the Location and year of publishing:

N. Surname, Book title, cit., p.

For online texts, use the same norms, but instead of publisher, publishing location and year, insert the URL, preceded, if possible, by the date of publishing:

N. Surname, Article title, in “Name of the online journal”, date of issue, url: http.//

Final bibliographical references:

Surname N., Book title, Publisher, Location and year of publishing.

Surname N., Book title, in “Review title”, number, year of publishing, pp. 1-10.

Aa. Vv., Book title, edited by N. Surname, Publisher, Location and year of publishing.
Surname N., 
Article title, in Vv. Aa., Book title, edited by N. Surname, Publisher, Location and year of publishing.

The aspiring collaborators are invited to acknowledge the review’s cultural project.

In sending an essay to Educazione Aperta, the author accepts its publishing with Creative Commons license.

No economic contribution is required neither for publishing (APC) nor for downloading an article.

Authors are required to observe the guidelines for authors. Submissions not respecting the editorial criteria will not be considered for publishing.